How I Style My Apple Watch

Contemplating contemplating…my thoughts wondering should I get it? or should I not? Once I found out the bands were interchangeable it was a wrap.

I decided to add the Apple watch to my wardrobe collection and I love it!

Today I styled it with some black and white printed pants, v-neck tee, and a mustard yellow crop blazer to complete the look.

Check out the details below. And thanks for stopping by. 🙂

Details of my look:  

Yellow Crop Blazer: (TJ Maxx) $9.99

White V-Neck Tee: (Zara) $17.99

Pants: (Twice Lucky Resale) $8.99

Mary Jane Heels: (TJ Max) $14.99

Bracelet: (Target) $9.99

Rings: (American Eagle) $12.99

Apple iWatch: (Apple Store) $349

Apple Milanese Loop Band: $150

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