What’s in My Bag?

Excited as I received my text message that my item has been delivered. My adorable cute rose gold Kate Spade mini bag is here! A gift given by my oldest child, Jade, who knows her mother’s style so well!

Say hello to the Cameron Street Mini Candace…You’ll be amazed at what this little baby can hold! So let’s see “What’s in my Bag?”

Don’t underestimate a mini bag ladies… All this fit in my bag with NO bulge!

1) Moleskin Notebook: This is where I brain dump. It’s small and compact therefore it goes every where with me.

2) Sticky Notes: Just like one of my favorite shows “Being Mary Jane” I am a sticky note chick! On the mirror, in the car, on my desk are reminders and inspirations to keep me motivated!

3) Color Pop: These lip glosses last all day even through meals. They’re very affordable and I am obsessed!!!

4) EOS Lip Balm: Sometimes I just skip the lipsticks…No! No! for the most part when at work I choose to wear lip balm and this balm gives my lips life!

5) Makeup Forever Press Powder: This is my go to at the moment. To be honest I am very minimal with my make up. As long as my skin is even and not shiny all I would need are the basics…Powder, eyeliner, lip balm and mascara!

6) Katespade Wristlet: Yes I carry a wristlet inside my purse! LOL It holds my insurance cards, money, and receipts.  Am I the only one?!

7) Fidget Spinner:  So yeah about this here fidget spinner….it was gift. Actually my fiancé’s job gave it to him and he passed it on to me. Now I find myself toying with it while I’m on the phone.

8) Vaseline lotion: This lotion does the job and I love it! The end!

9) iPhone 7 Plus: I am TOTALLY an Apple Freak. Like any other Apple head my life is on this phone!

10) Ear buds: My everyday necessity…especially at work. I plug in to listen to a dose of my favorite Podcast shows such as Gary Vee and Dave Ramsey.

11) Car Keys: Honda chick since 1999. Let’s just say I’m faithful to my Honda Accords.

12) Leather Coin Purse: My Liz Claiborne leather coin purse was a gift given several years ago. It has kept its beauty and will be one of my forever pieces.

          So now you know “What’s in my Bag?” 

               Thanks for stopping by loves! xoxo

Details of my look:  

Blazer: FashionForwardThreads 

Floral Button Down: FashionForwardThreads

Talbots Mom Jeans:  FashionForwardThreads

Adidas: Footlocker

Cameron Street Mini Candace: Katespade.com

Gold Bracelet: Michael Kors

Silver Bracelet: TJ Maxx

Gold Watch: Michael Kors 

Puff: Five and Below

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  1. October 24, 2017 / 11:44 AM

    This bag is truly gorgeous! What a perfect color, style and you look awesome carrying it! Such a really special gift!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your essentials as well! Really need that moleskin notebook!!!

    • beingmekaj
      October 24, 2017 / 11:52 AM

      Awww thank you doll <3